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Have your friend deleted Whatsapp messages (image, video, voice message, music or any type of file and even status) that he sends you? Do you want to Check deleted messages for Whatsapp? It is just like Whatsapp delete for everyone app that allows you to view deleted WHATSAPP messages and Whatsapp deleted media files. You can download or save Whatsapp video status as well as any other media files like videos, audios, voice notes etc.

“WhatsDelete” is capable to save deleted WHATSAPP messages or media files but it can also work as WHATSAPP video status downloader, WhatsApp cleaner, WHATSAPP status saver, Whatsapp duplicate media finder or Whatsapp duplicate remover, Whatsapp delete for everyone, WhatsApp data saver, Whatsapp Rescue, WhatsApp status downloader, Create WhatsApp backup, Restore Whatsapp old messages.

Top Features of WhatsApp Cleaner:
Cool UI design and easy to use.
View WhatsApp deleted messages media files even after deleting from sender side.
Also works as cleaner for Whatsapp by avoiding duplication.
You can download WhatsApp video status easily.
View all WHATSAPP media files at a single place.
Save WHATSAPP voices notes or document files separately.
Light weighted app to secure your all WhatsApp data in just one app.

How it works?
1) Open the orignal ” WhatsApp “.
2) Save WhatsApp media files (Images, Videos, Voice Notes, Status, Audios, Documents etc).
3) To check deleted WhatsApp messages or media files just open the “WhatsDelete” app and check them out.
4) Turn ON/OFF duplication in order to save storage.
5) Check or uncheck Tabs from settings to select which media file you want to save after deletion.

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